Digitize Iași

On May 20th, 2023 we're gathering for a full day hackathon to digitize Iași. Software engineers, product people, technology passionate will contribute to create the next groundbreaking software solutions for Iași and its citizens.

We'll bring the resources, the mentors and support for you to solve the hackathon challenges suggested by the community and our partners. Have fun with friends and make new ones, while experimenting together, writing history for Iași.

Digitize Iași Hackathon requires physical attendance. Through the registration process, you will be able to sign up as individual or, if you already have a team, enroll as a team by providing a team name and its members.


  • Levi9
  • Ness Digital Engineering
  • Feel IT Services


  • IAȘI AI community
  • Iași City Hall


  • Asociția CIVICA
  • Asociația Calemis
  • Digital Innovation Zone
  • ASII

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Promoting and incentivizing public transportation using gamification

Build a mobile game which makes use of the existing air quality and public transportation APIs available at Iași Open Data Platform.

  • Theme: Smart Economy
  • Challenge owner: Levi9

Noise pollution and citizens protection

Solution for measuring noise pollution and/or identify future initiatives which contributes to citizens protection.

  • Theme: Smart Environment
  • Challenge owner: Feel IT Services

Intelligent traffic light system, reduce intersection congestion

Intelligent traffic light system that can optimally manage color changes, depending on the level of traffic congestion on a given intersection.

  • Theme: Smart Mobility
  • Challenge owner: Ness Digital Engineering

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