EduTech Iași Hackathon is centered on addressing the critical issues of school abandonment and enhancing career orientation for students, unparalleled opportunity for educators, tech enthusiasts, developers, designers, and students to collaborate, ideate, and develop solutions that can make a tangible impact on the future of education.

We'll bring the resources, the mentors and support for you to solve the hackathon challenges suggested by the community and our partners. Have fun with friends and make new ones, while experimenting together, writing history.

EduTech Iași Hackathon requires physical attendance. Through the registration process, you will be able to sign up as individual or, if you already have a team, enroll as a team by providing a team name and its members.


  • World Vision
  • Teach for Romania
  • HTEC
  • Ness Digital Engineering


  • IAȘI AI community
  • Iași City Hall


  • People of Tech
  • ASII

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Counseling and career guidance for children and young people

Romania occupies a leading place in Europe in terms of low school motivation. Even if there are cases of students who drop out of school due to lack of material, exploitation through work or other problems, another important cause is lack of motivation and the lack of perspective regarding one's own future, combined with the lack of confidence in own strengths. Having a clear representation of their own educational path and on the specific stages, being aware of their own skills and competences could make a difference.

  • World Vision
  • Ness Digital Engineering

Address the problem of school dropout with the help of the digital environment

1 out of 5 children drop out of school in rural areas, and 44% of Romanian students suffer from functional illiteracy (PISA Test 2018 - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). In 2019, in over 1,000 schools in Romania, no 8th-grade child obtained an average of 5 in the National Assessments. Almost 40% of schools in Romania are considered disadvantaged schools - with students at high risk of dropping out, low academic performance and poor economic conditions.

  • Teach for Romania
  • HTEC

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